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Thuthukisa is proud to have been in partnership to sponsor and establish the very first permanent Champions Club in Africa: our state of the art, purpose-built special needs facility for exceptional individuals (those with special needs) and their families.

Champions Club is a vital part of our community where we believe that all children, typical and those with special needs, should belong!

Thanks to our partners, Thuthukisa continues to reach out to multiple families and care centres for children with special needs.

Thuthukisa, in sponsorship with Household of Christ, built and equipped this incredible facility, which is making a tangible, significant difference to many families walking this road.

Champions Club meets the children’s developmental needs where, our lesson area allows for mental/emotional growth, each child’s intellect is developed through the five senses and various learning tools, our sensory area soothes and stimulates, while our motor area develops the children’s physical skills in a fun way.

Our campus includes playground equipment, some of the first in the country, to specifically include children in wheelchairs and those with physical disabilities. Champions Club, which was established in Pretoria by Bernard and Belinda in 2019, along with Household of Christ, is a division of the Champions Clubs international network.

Our internationally trained team takes the time to assess each Champion individually to develop a unique learning strategy based on their communication, comprehension and mobility capacity.

The many families benefiting from the Champions Club are deeply grateful for the opportunity that their children now have to find a place to belong and for the ongoing support they are receiving as a families.


Our hearts are full when we see these incredible families thriving!

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